Advanced Energy Systems (AES)

AES and ESS stand for "advanced energy system" and "energy storage system" respectively. These systems have been around in the large industry for well over twenty years but only recently have they become available in the in the small commercial and residential sizes. 

The Hoover Dam, a giant energy storage system

The Hoover Dam, a giant energy storage system

These systems consist of a source of power (this can be a solar system, the utility company or other form of energy), a storage unit (typically a battery in the small business and residential space), a way to convert the energy into usable electricity, and a controller to discharge and distribute the stored energy from the storage unit.

A good example of a very large scale energy storage system is the Hoover dam. The water being stored in the reservoir is the potential energy. The reservoir itself is the way that this energy is stored and the Hoover Dam controls the flow and distribution of this energy that is being stored in the reservoir. The size and scope of this energy storage system is massive! millions of people benefit from this amazing energy storage system. Farms, businesses, and residents alike!

There are not many AES units with the potential energy capacity of the hoover dam. In fact, we use similar systems to control many if not most of the devices that we use on a daily basis. Until more recently these systems were not used to control the flow of electricity into business and homes. We now have the ability to store, control, and use electricity much like the Hoover Dam controls the flow of water. Using an AES, we can control the flow of electricity into our home or business so that the amount of grid tied electricity flow is controlled to be more favorable for all parties, including your local utility. But most importantly saving your business money.