Most utility companies are shifting to time of use schedules that penalize residents and business owners for using power during the middle of the day. Rates can more than quadruple during the middle of the day when most power is used! By controlling the time of day that you use electricity from the grid, you can optimize your power bill.

Your advanced energy system will allows you to control when you use power from the grid. This means that you can essentially program your system to provide savings to you and allow you to have control over your power bill.

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Enhance your time of use savings by using solar power during the middle of the day. When the excess power that the solar panels produce is not used, it is stored and used at a later time when required. This does two things: it increases the efficiency of your solar system as well as decreases your reliance on the grid. Both are good to your wallet! 

There are many rebates available for the energy storage systems. Let us help you find out if you qualify for a rebate. 

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