From kilowatt to megawatt, Seaport Energy will create the solution that best suits your needs. Select your industry below to find out how you will benefit by producing your own energy.  


Small Business

Take advantage of federal, state, and local rebates and tax incentives and save on monthly electricity costs.   

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Power your operations on clean energy and lower the costs to operate your equipment and home.   

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Medical Industry.jpg

Maintain life sustaining equipment,  providing an instant backup source of energy for the critical moments when the grid goes down.   

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Governement Solar

Lower costs to taxpayers and invest in clean energy that will maintain critical equipment and systems when the grid is down.  

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Home Builders

Enjoy faster turnaround times on homes that exhibit clean energy while creating tax savings for your business.

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Multi Unit Housing

Invest in clean energy to attract tenants, lower their living costs, and provide a supplemental cash flow to your business.

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Data Centers

Back up your data with confidence by never skipping a beat when the grid goes down while at the same time lowering electricity costs. 

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Invest in your business by lowering demand costs, taking advantage of tax credits and promoting your company as a green company.  

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